ommunication is always in flux. <— there are certain words like this word, “communication”, the seem ‘stronger’ than the words around them. that have an authority of focus to their intent. this type of feeling is precisely where we must be careful. one approach to this is what has been called deconstruction, which is to move carefully and with hesitation, always waiting to flip over an obstacle for the knowledge that whatever tipsy structure reoriented will itself almost immediately become an obstacle. the other option is to move quickly, flipping over all items in the arena with the “knowledge”, if such a word my temporarily be used, that all of these mini-epiphanies are momentary and hence the only style becomes not looking back.

To some extent, Derrida prepared deconstruction for this by denying to categorize it as a strategy/method. This strategy of refusing a brand can be debated for its usefulness, having positioned - ten years after his death - deconstruction as almost a ghostly concept. For me, this has two effects, concurrently. One, that deconstruction became a gimmick coming to mean whatever it’s most base detractors and desperate admirers wanted it to me. The other, that deconstruction maintains its non-dual - if you will - position as a feeling to be sought, although a serious consideration of deconstruction throws the notion into doubt of its repeatability.

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